Yoga for Mindfulness

Penelope PranaLiving Mindfully allows us to respond rather than react, resulting in better decision making.  Adopting a Mindful approach to life frees us from a cycle of emotional reactivity and turmoil. Yoga facilitates Mindfulness by offering various practices targeted at specific health and well-being outcomes.

I have developed a program specifically designed to calm the central nervous system, thus reducing reactivity and contributing to a sense of inner calm.  Asana practice (the physical component of Yoga) is infused with cleansing Kriya’s and mood altering Mudra’s which have a subtle, calming effect. Breathing exercises are incorporated to connect you with your breath, which helps to calm the mind, and each class concludes with a guided meditation / relaxation exercise to leave you feeling refreshed and induce a Mindful state.

Discover your Yoga as you are guided gently through exercises to establish a deeper connection with your body, mind and spirit.  Benefits of Yoga for Mindfulness can be felt well beyond the classroom.

Namaste, Penelope

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