Personal Yoga-Play Therapy

One of the best decisions I made this year was to pull back during winter.  Living close to nature has reminded me that nature slows down as the days become shorter. Thank you to the Northern Rivers, NSW for reminding me of the importance of connecting with nature, and for opening my mind to alternatives.


Coming out of ‘hybernation’ in Spring was glorious.  Since then (& now that I reflect, also prior)  I’ve had multiple sources of stress in my life which, despite being tremendous learning opportunities, have been both mentally and emotionally demanding.


For 12 out of the past 22 months we lived without power (OK, we had a generator, but it only ran occasionally).  No fridge – that was the hardest part for me.  Death in the family, preceded by debilitating illness, Exam, new Project at work, the loss of our much loved person-Dog, Wally.


Yoga & Play played a significant role in maintaining my sanity (assuming I fit into that category). Even so, as 2016 nears its end, I must admit to feeling somewhat frazzled and tired. Hence, I’ve decided to give myself some intensive TLC in the form of Mindful, Playful, Yoga therapy.


I’m collecting a whole bunch of tools to enhance mood, improve focus & concentration, and general feelings of wellbeing.  Once they’ve worked their magic on me, I look forward to sharing them.




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