The oldest form of Sanskrit is Vedic Sanskrit that dates back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Known as ‘the mother of all languages,’ Sanskrit is the dominant classical language of the Indian subcontinent and one of the 22 official languages of India. It is also the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

will to live (klesha), possessiveness
fire essence kriya (breath technique)
non-violence. One of the 5 Yama (the first limb of Yoga)
Antelope (in anaharta yanta, symbolising rapidly moving spiritual experiences)
third eye
Third eye Chakra
third eye centre gesture
Repositories of knowledge and events
Heart Chakra
Heart centre (chakra), creative centre
heart centre gesture
Anahata chakra cleansing
Minor energy centre, Root of bliss, containing the Kalpa Vriksha
wise loving joyous energy
Sheath of bliss
power (siddhi) of miniaturisation
physical body (food sheath)
breath held in the lungs
hand gesture to control eliminatory energies
efferent (outgoing) energy system, excretory energy
Hand gesture to stimulate efferent (outgoing) energies
Non greed. One of the 5 yama (1st limb of Yoga)
medulla oblongata
cresent moon pose
Simple spinal twist
Half fish pose
semi-locust post
Subtle energy channel (ascending)
physical yoga pose, a steady seat
eight fold powers, special powers of Vihuti
facility devoted to training in yoga techniques. A place for bringing awareness of Truth from within
Practice of moving energy in a manner which tones the Kshetrams & triggers, thus making Bindu Dharana more effective. Meditative technique.
horse seal
sense of self importance (klesha) ego
non-stealing. One of the 5 Yama (the first limb of Yoga)
spiritual nature, the Highest Self
ignorance (klesha)
Subtle energy channel (descending)
holistic medical practice
Limitation, restriction, suffocation
audible japa
body lock
Sharing of song
flowing body language / dance
bellows or diaphragmic breath (breathing exercise to dry mucus throughout the system)
holding breath out of the lungs
bee breath
technique of placing an after image between the brows (at Ajna Kshetram)
shoulder pressure pose
cobra pose
Transformative, radiance, beauty, expansion. Infinite space containing all
Chakra, energy centre, powerful point of energy containing he essence of life, particularly in the form of sound, miniature chakra
Focusing on a chosen point, concentration in psychic centres
positive spiritual energy associated with Muladhara, the creator
crown of head
chastity, moderation, integrity in intimacy. One of the 5 Yama (the first limb of Yoga)
Eyebrow centre
intellect, reason, discrimination, judgement, wisdom faculty
psychic energy centre
moon piercing breath
modified therapy technique
gesture of illusion, respiratory emphasis placed in mid-lung area which is associated with mental activity
End of existence & preparation for new life
one of the three major aspects of mind, consisting of mobile forms of thought energy
negative spiritual energy associatead with Muladhara
sight, vision, powerful point of energy containing he essence of life, particularly in the form of sound
Entering the presence
minor energy system which causes yawning
Male angelic beings
Angelic, feminine aspect of the divine consciousness
bow pose
concentration, fixing of attention in one place. 6th limb of yoga
sitting in the presence of, guru delivers Dharshan to the disciple
Ignorance, death, darkness, decay
Meditation. The 7th of the 8 limbs of Yoga
Justice & protection
Pairs of opposites
Aversion (klesha), pain
Angelic, masculine aspect of the divine consciousness
one who has learned the technique of sensory withdrawal
Remover of obstacles
Chants to honour the creative mother energy
Psychic knots
Qualities of nature, intrinsic energy levels
teacher, master remover of ignorance
divine guide
plough pose
greeting to wish someone well
Physical Yoga practice, balance of sun and moon energy
Moon made or energy conveyor, of afferent senses, jnanendriya
spiritual faculty, controlling principle
Supreme being (encompasses all aspects of the Divine)
siddhi, supremacy over the body and mind
positive spiritual energy
Chosen deity
Negative spiritual energy
attentiveness to the divine spirit, modesty
nasal cleansing using water
gesture of knowledge (palms up-energy in, palms down-energy out)
sensory input, conveyors of sensory knowledge
Independence, liberation/freedom
Embodiment of the time-force of the Universe
Celestial wish fulfilling tree (that which grants all wishes)
siddhi, power of perfect wish fulfilment
Unity, beauty, good fortune
Ultimate desire (unmanifested form)
Desire (full & manifesting)
bridge pose
inter-costal bellows breathing
Causal body (seed body)
sensory output, action senses
Karuna typically translates as “compassion” in English and is a concept used in the spiritual paths of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The word comes from the Sanskrit kara, meaning “to do” or “to make,” indicating an action-based form of compassion, rather than the pity or sadness associated with the English word. Karuna is the doing of something to alleviate suffering.
perfect, complete
Breathing technique for deep relaxation
sanskrit devotional songs
5 Sources of trouble
energy field of consciousness
takes the light through the five sheaths
minor energy system controlling sneezing & coughing, gives rise to hunger & thirst
means of purification
energy field of action
holding the breath, in or out of the lungs
corporeal energy, serpent power
potent serpent energy within the kanda (base of spine)
point in the chest just below the jugular notch
minor energy system controlling blinking, causes vision
power (siddhi) of levitation
Minor chakra to Vishuddha, caressing centre
male generative energy
great lock (achieved through simultaneously engaging, mula, jalandhara and uddiyana bandhas)
full lung yoga breath
The act of consciously & intentionally leaving ones body at the time of enlightenment
great knowledge
power (siddhi) of expansion
mental japa
concentric diagrams of spiritual significance
naval chakra
navel centre gesture
mental energy
composed of manus (mind), mind sheath
Power, justice
meru=central, transcendence. Danda = spine / support
freedom, liberation
Goddess of time
anal (root) lock
root chaka, located at the base of the spine
Base Chakra
base centre gesture
chakra behind the navel
energy channels within the subtle body
relaxing, energetically cleansing technique
alternate nostril breath
astra tubes that carry psychic energy, moon energy channel
minor energy system controlling belching, gives rise to consciousness
traditional greeting honouring the divine within
The practice of drawing in & ejecting water, anally
nasal cleansing
Conscious sleep, Yogic sleep
2nd of the 8 limbs of Yoga. Relates to our attitude towards our environment. ethical & moral observances; niyama act as facilitators to yama
Chant honouring lord shiva, the destroyer of illusion
sinus cleansing mudra
five sheaths
five gestures (eg 5 stages of focussing the attention in each of the 5 koshas)
The 5 practices for mental and emotional awareness & detachment. Technique based in Pratyahara.
guru beyond your Gurudeva
part posterior stretch
Solar energy conveyor, of efferent nerve response, karmendirya action
floating retention breath
siddhi, non-obstruction of ones will
right knowledge (chitta)
Life force
hand gestures used to trigger autonomic responses
afferent (incoming) energy system, respiratory energy
hand gestures used to send energy into the body via vayus (energetic channels)
vital energy
composed of prana, force that vitalizes & holds together body & mind
sanskrit letter for OM
Breath control practices
siddhi, power of extension
blessed food
withdrawal of sensory fascination, sensory detachment. 5th of the 8 limbs of Yoga
conviction, tuning into intuition
implies unconditional love
Attachment (klesha)
action, passion, energy
Active state, high energy, heat producing foods
Manipurna seed sound
Tears of Siva, soma, ambrosia, excreted by pineal gland
spiritual aspirant
spiritual quest
crown chakra
8th limb of the 8 limbs of Yoga. putting together, the state in which meditator becomes as one with the object of meditation
digestive energy flow system based in the naval chakra, assimilatory energy system
digestive energy control gesture
Conscious ecstacy, achieved through Samyoga practices
ingrained tendencies to behave a certain way, habits
Continuous concentrated meditative focus upon a subject or an object, mind poise
Yogic technique involving bindu Dharana, leading to transcendent states of consciousness
Practices towards Samyama
Wish resolve
one of the 6 philosophical systems of India pertaining to the classification of the universe
The oldest form of Sanskrit is Vedic Sanskrit that dates back to the 2nd millennium BCE. Known as 'the mother of all languages,' Sanskrit is the dominant classical language of the Indian subcontinent and one of the 22 official languages of India. It is also the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.
Seven cosmic rays, receptor for cosmic energy
Triangles (indicating the perfect union between male & female energies)
spiritual gathering
spiritual energy, illumination
Of spiritual energy
Truthfulness. One of the 5 yama (1st limb of Yoga)
cleanliness, purity. One of the 5 niyama (2nd limb of Yoga)
male energy
Hindu goddess representing the female principle, feminine energy
transferring spiritual power
locust pose
6 seal gesture
Remover of illusions
Flowering, perfection, sustenance
Psychic power
lion pose
head stand
cooling breath
cold maker breath
dispeller of illusions
Pineal gland, eye of Siva
memory (chitta)
Perfection, eternal divine one, rendition of pure sound of OM. the same universal energy that emanates from the OM mantra
instrument of sacred geometrical form
energies that drive away physical & mental disharmony & promote harmony
summit of the mountain, bead on mala at the turning point
supine thunderbolt pose
sun piercing breath
salute to the sun. A series of asana, performed in a flowing manner
channel of energy that flows vertically from the perineum to the crown of the head
major, central nadi, carries life force
a statement of truth
nasal cleansing using string
pubic centre gesture
self study. One of the 5 niyama (2nd limb of Yoga)
Pubic centre
2nd chakra, located bellow navel in genital area
Lathargic state, low energy, cold producing foods
balanced control, self discipline, to burn or create heat (towards purification). One of the 5 niyama (2nd limb of Yoga
Aspiration, creative urge
fixed focus eye exercise
triangle pose
Destruction, disintegration
Upward moving Prana, energy channel. nervous / neurological energies
nervous energy control gesture
abdominal lock
victorious retention breath
whispered japa
camel pose
Uncolourdness, removal of pre-conceived ideas
buttock balancing mudra
crooked pose
siddhi, power to tame
wind relieving pose
bio-energy systems
paranormal powers
higher mind sheath
Imagination (chitta)
intuitive energy
supported variation of shoulder stand
wrong knowledge (chitta)
Throat centre
5th chakra, centre of purity
throat centre gesture
Spiritual discrimination
Mind movements
Circulatory energy system
circulatory energy control gesture
ethical restraints; first 5 aspects of the yogic ethical struture
A sacred geometrical form device that captures the spirit of the mantra
One who is fit to guide others on the Yoga path by her own example Yogacharini (female) / Yogacharya (male)