Yogacharini Penelope Prana

Yogacharini (female) / Yogacharya (male)

“one who is fit to guide others on the Yoga path by her own example”


As most of us do, I play many roles. I am a wife, mother, animal lover, employee, business owner, friend, confidant, Yoga teacher and a flow artist. I grew up in the Adelaide hills riding horses and learnt to fire twirl in the Nimbin hills.  I currently live in the Barossa Valley, in a beautiful old cottage nested among iconic gum trees and frequently visited by the resident kangaroo family.

Five years living with my husband and daughter in a rustic off-grid dwelling in the rainforest effectively recalibrated my priorities and refocused my energies. I source strength in the embodied memories of this time.  I love spending time outdoors, preferably surrounded by animals and plants, so found our outdoor shower to be divine – I miss it.

Animal behaviour fascinates me and spending time in nature grounds me. Somehow I managed to survive the city (if you can call Adelaide of the 90’s & 2000’s the city), to obtain a Bachelor of Management and subsequently built careers in Human Resources and Technology Services.  I have practiced Yoga for over 20 years and hold a Diploma of Integral Yoga.  I love travelling so it’s no wonder my first Yoga studio is a mobile one, 

I embrace Yoga and Play because they contribute significantly to my well-being and capacity to remain resilient. My favourite toy is the hula hoop. It helped me learn how to let go. As Yoga is a delicate balance of holding on & letting go, I find the two practices complementary.  Delving into the fire dancing culture has been a whole lot of fun.  It’s also deepened my focus (there’s not much room for error when you’re playing with fire), helped me face fears and connected me with amazingly resilient people.  There is a meditative element to the style of Flow I embrace, it’s my therapy.  Maybe it’s yours too – there’s only one way to find out!  I look back at my life before fire and it brings a smile to my face when I’m reminded I still have the capacity to surprise myself.

Upon studying Mindfulness with Monash University, I realised that my Yoga studies were the perfect preparation  – the underlying concepts are effectively the same, however the language is significantly different. There is a growing body of evidence advocating the benefits of Mindfulness practices (many of which have direct parallels with ancient Yogic wisdom) and I’m fascinated by the effect of these practices on the brain.



I teach Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness for health and wellbeing.

I present Yoga in various settings and am always interested in having a conversation about how you can incorporate Yoga into your Workplace, School, Social group or personal life.

I feel best when I share what I know.

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“I have practiced yoga for over 20 years and hold a diploma of integral yoga.

I embrace yoga and play because they contribute significantly to my well-being and capacity to remain resilient.”


Ahimsa is an importance principle to me and whilst I don’t envisage cultivating Ahimsa completely, I do my best.

I eat a plant based diet and practice compassion to all living things. This includes self-compassion, a key Mindfulness principle.

I source Yoga mats with great consideration of the environmental damage caused by mats which don’t biodegrade, as well as the health of the Yoga Sadahka.

Ahimsa is the first principle I raise in beginners Yoga classes and I repeat it infinitum. There is a difference between pain and discomfort. Yoga teaches us to sit in discomfort, but should never cause us harm.

I’ve always been health conscious and have seen many changes in lifestyle in one generation.  It seems to me that dis-ease has become prolific in our society which has sparked my interest in organics, neuro-toxins in food, and using food as medicine.  I’m also very interested in some of the research that is examining the healing potential of the mind. The emerging results on the health benefits of Meditation (the 7th limb of Yoga,) are astounding.

Benefits of practicing Yoga and Mindfulness

Concentration & Focus

Enhanced feeling of well being

Balance mood and emotions

Reduced feelings of anxiety


Increased resilience

Improved clarity of thought

Improved creativity

And much more

Scientific research has shown that genes can actually be turned on or off through meditation.
Endless health benefits are to be gained through developing a meditation routine.