Nadi Jnanam Kriya

I end each of my Yoga classes with a relaxation exercise. Sometimes I record this part of the session and share them here.

Time spent in complete relaxation allows for the physical body to assimilate any changes activated by the preceding Yogic practices. These subtle changes could be ocurring on a physical, energetic or hormonal level and include things such as muscle and ligament relaxation, adjustments in hormonal secretions or chakra balancing.  It is not mandatory to have practiced anything specific or actually anything at all prior to listening.  I hope you enjoy the experience.  I’d love to hear your feedback.

For you to have the best possible experience this is my recommended preparation.


  • Allow a minimum of 5 minutes longer than the length of the audio, use this time to be still in the quiet after the script has ended.
  • Remove all distractions, eg phone.  Let people around you know you’re only available for emergencies for the next 20 minutes.
  • Get comfortable.  The traditional position is to lay flat on your back, arms to your side with palms up, legs slightly apart so as to remove contact between the thighs.  The most important factor is your comfort.  Find your version of the traditional position that leaves you as comfortable as you can be in this moment.  Try to keep your spine in a neutral position (ie, preserving the lumbar and cervical curves).  You may choose to lay on your side (try the right side first, less pressure on the heart).  Supports may be used under the head, knees or between the thighs if laying on your side.  You may sit in a chair if this suits you (choose a chair that supports you well and that doesn’t present a danger should you drift off to sleep).
  • Keep warm.  Your body temperature is likely to drop during this practice.
  • Try to avoid sleeping, but don’t worry if you do – you obviously need it.


  • Take your time. Spend 5 minutes or more resting in the peaceful space you have created.
  • Allow yourself to merge back into the present gently.  Begin by deepening the breath, then wriggle your fingers and toes and stretch your body gently in any way that feels right. If you have been on your back, spend some time on your right side before sitting.
  • If you feel a bit ‘spacey’ wait before attempting anything requiring concentration, such as driving a vehicle.  Have a healthy snack or a drink to help ground you in your physical body.

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