Global Yoga Therapy Day

Yoga is my therapy and has been an integral part of my life for more than 20 years so it’s only natural that Global Yoga Therapy Day caught my attention.

As a Yoga Teacher, I’m interested in shining a spotlight on the more subtle elements of Yoga, in particular Pranayama, the practice of controlling the breath and the 4th limb of Yoga. Mastering the breath is the first step to calming the mind and if you have ever tried to meditate you’ll appreciate just how scattered the mind can be. Meditation, or Dhyana is the 7th limb of Yoga and I’m yet to come across a more effective form of pain relief.

If you’re thinking; ‘what’s a Yogic limb?’ and ‘why are you mentioning Meditation?’ then it’s likely your perception of Yoga is about to be changed. Asana, or the physical Yoga practice most of you will be familiar with is only 1/8th of Yoga! There is so much more to experience and I’d love to introduce you to the therapeutic benefits of Yoga.


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